„Snowboarding has so many different aspects. Ride pow, explore mountains, build and ride backcountry jumps. There is a lot to learn and to venture, to share this with friends is what makes it so special.

We spent two nights in a mountain hut in the lower Engadin where we witnessed the nicest sunsets and sunrises, enjoying the quietness of the mountains and good company.

With the Rumantsch off voice and music, we add a spark of the story and language from the place we call home.”

📽 Corsin Näff @cnaeff

🎵 Pascal Gamboni

🏂 Sina Candrian & Elena Könz

& friends: Etienne Dumoulin, Célina Fehr, Gianna Könz, Noah Eichenberger, Riet Könz, Simi Geisser, Valerie Schlieper


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