HEROES – Women in Snowboarding

Being part of this great book dedicated to women in snowboarding means a lot to me. Definitely a book you don‘t want to miss on your coffee table! 288 pages with inspiring stories and the best photos by Jérome Tanon.

As a kid I used to sit in front of my window drawing pictures of the Engadin mountains. The same mountains where I later found my love for snowboarding. Drawing and Snowboarding were the two hobbies that meant the most to me when I grew up. However, for a long time the two passions remained separate worlds. Often in life I was told what is right and what is wrong, how I should be and act. That I should stop snowboarding and do more art, or that I was behaving like a „boy“.
I’m lucky that by rebelling against this pressure I found places where the pursuit of unique style is valued and even promoted. Simultaneously I had the chance to meet numerous brave and interesting people who inspired me to become what felt right. After years pursuing the two passions I start to see more and more similarities between them. For both, it is about the creation of movement, resulting in forms which give each human a unique style, independent of gender and background.

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