NineQueens Recap #1

Posted on  by Whiteout

The Schneestern shapers once again pulled out all the stops for the 9Queens event. This years  all-girls session featured both a ski and snowboard comp mixed into one. The setup included two massive kickers, one transfer kicker in the middle of a halfpipe, quarters and rails. Insanity at its best!


Could anyone ask for anything more?


In the midst of high-speed quads and old school twin-chairs sits the majestic 9Queens castle.


Isa Derungs, who tied 3rd place alongside Jenny Jones from the UK, threw down massive rodeos and generally proved this session was all about having a good time.


Elena Koenz going bigger than big.


Burning fuel – snow cats took the riders to the top.


Elena Koenz claimed victory today, becoming the first ever snowboarder to win at a 9Queens event. Congrats to her and all the girls that killed it today!


Elena receiving hugs and high fives from Isa Derungs and Jenny Jones.


Skiboots or snowboard boots, who cares. This is a mixed podium enjoying some champagne showers.

Text and photos by Aaron Schwartz


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