The Wet Shoes Crew Spring Trip. Spring days in Laax and Livigno

The last days in Laax during the spring session where really good like usually. It was fun to jib the rails and the Kickers with friends. This is a short video I made with the video material of me training during this days. I made some 720, a crazy bail and some new tricks on the rails.

Chris Dähler, a photographer I work with, was shooting with us. We where riding the Park in Laax but also build a crazy slush Kicker in the backcountry.

After the park closed in Laax I went to Livigno to ride there for some more days. Also with Chris and the wet shoes crew (as we named ourselves because of our permanently wet shoes).

Livigno was awesome, blue bird, big jumps and pizza every day. In the afternoons we built some own stuff and shoot it in the evening. After that we tried to dry the snowboard boots with the hotel hair-drier went to funny bars ore did apero in the hotel.

Between all shoveling the time in Livigno felt like an amazing holliday in Italy. But Shoveling was worth it!

Elena Koenz_Wallride_Livigno_16042013_396

Elena Koenz_Indy Nosebone_Livigno_17042013_394

I’m also stoked that Völkl could use some pictures Chris did of me in the Mottolino Snowpark in during the days in Livigno for an Ad.



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