Grison Sport Awards

I am nominated for the Grison sportswomen award of the year! Please use the following link to vote for me! Unfortunately you have to register in order to be able to vote but then you can vote every day! Thanks a lot!!! I am really grateful for your support!!!!!!!!!! 


Just a couple Runs at the 2015 Pleasure Spring Session LAAX

Featuring: David Struber, Flavio Pfister, Simon Pircher, Mary Luggen, Elena Koenz, Alex Mosler, Joelle “JJ” Juchli, Eirik Nesse, Michi Schatz.

Film & Edit: Peter Rossner

Elena Könz: Snowboardweltmeisterin und Künstlerin

SRF / Glanz & Gloria, 25.02.2015, 18:42

Holidaycheck-award from the allegra booklet

Thanks to Urs Rey and Christina Brun for the Photograph!

Allegra Booklet

Könz realisescha plaunet ch’ella è campiunessa mundiala

SRF1 / Telesguard / Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha
Redacziun: Chatrina Josty / David Spinnler

Report in the swiss TV after I won the World Champion title in snowboard big air.

World Champion in Big Air 2015

What a day! I couldn’t be more happy about my World Champion title in the first big air world championships for women!
Thanks a lot to everyone for the help and support!!!

Featured image

The swiss snowboard teamstream video:

Watch another a nice recap of my runs in the Big Air finals on

Calma The Movie

Calma is a freeski and snowboard film by Sickpack. We’re stoked to present you last season’s hard work! With Elena Könz, Gian Schicktanz, Cousin Näff and Francisco Couto. Directed by Joni Näff.

4th place at the World Cup in Istanbul 2014

For the first ever FIS big air world cup we went with the swiss snowboard freestyle team to Istanbul. I’m verry happy to end up 4th place in this competition.

Because of a crash in the training my foot was hurting. I’m glad for all the support of trainers an physio that made it possible for me to take part at the contest and qualifie for the finals. It was a nice trip and a great experience.

Check out this little edit of the swiss snowboard teamstream:

A little report on SRF:

Now I’ll enjoy a quiet Christmas with my family and let my foot recover fast to be back on snow soon!!!


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